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Injury & Illness Prevention Program

The major components of the Injury
& Illness Prevention Program are as follows:

1.) Injury/Illness Investigation - Investigations are conducted using the Accident Investigation form and in accordance with the Basic Rules for Accident Investigation.
2.) Correction of Unsafe or Unhealthful Conditions – The supervisor takes appropriate corrective action in a timely manner, and notifies employees of hazard and any interim protective measures, whenever an unsafe/unhealthy condition is observed, discovered or reported.

3.) Training - Managers, supervisors and field personnel receive training on recognizing general safety and health hazards as well as for any hazards unique to their job
4.) Record Keeping - The supervisor maintains records of inspections, investigations, unsafe/unhealthy conditions, and employee training. This documentation shall be
maintained for 3 years.
5.) Safety & Health Compliance Process - A system of progressive disciplinary measures used in the event of an employee safety and/or health violation.