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Description of Safety Practices
Bermex company policy states that
the health and safety of the employee takes precedence over all other
concerns. The goals are to prevent accidents, reduce personal injury and occupational illness, and to comply with safety and health standards.

As such, Bermex devotes considerable attention to this matter. Management and field personnel are trained with safety as a focal point. Bermex Managers and Supervisors in every office hold scheduled safety meetings covering such subjects as driving
safety, weather awareness and safety, animal safety, slips and falls, as well
as health and fitness. In addition,
safety information is communicated through written hand-outs, Safety
Team meetings, and postings within
the office.

As standard Bermex procedure, all Bermex offices follow the safety
procedures described below:

• Safety practices and procedures are
  a specific topic during training, and   monitored on a day-to-day basis.
• Meter readers are equipped with dog   repellant and equipment required for   their particular job, such as safety   boots, safety goggles, gloves,
  first aid kits, safety vests, fire
  extinguishers, etc.
• All Bermex vehicles are marked with   Bermex identification and the   appropriate safety devices, such as   warning signs, and flashing lights.
• Bermex meter readers adopt the safety   policies and practices of the client.

• Bermex management performs a review   of driver's licenses every six months.
• Bermex' insurance company performs   annual audits of safety practices.
• Bermex Managers and Supervisors   comply with the Injury & Illness   Prevention Program... Continued...