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Meter Reading Performance Specifications

• Bermex reads standard routes as
  normally read by utility readers.
• Bermex meter readers must be
  accurate with an error level of
  no greater than 1 per 1,000 reads.
• Bermex meter reads are to be
  completed per the utility billing   schedule.
• Bermex furnishes all materials,
  supplies and simple tools.
• Bermex is responsible for ensuring
  that its employees conduct
  themselves in a courteous and
  professional manner.
• Bermex provides the employee
  training program with classroom
  and field instruction.

• Bermex provides field personnel
  with photo ID badges and complete   uniforms.
• Bermex performs a Criminal History
  Records Check on each employee.
• Bermex is responsible for all
  transportation necessary to complete   the work.
• Bermex full-time, non-reading
  supervisors schedule and arrange work   assignments, monitor readers in the   field and via activity reports, prepare   management reports,
  and resolve and follow-up on
  any customer complaints within
  48 hours.
• Bermex maintains insurance coverage
  and bonding as stipulated by the
• Bermex is responsible for the proper
  use and management of the utility’s
  hand-held meter reading units.
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