Bermex was founded in 1972 to provide inspection and repair specifications for low-income, single family dwellings in the metropolitan Detroit area. To attain speed and accuracy in writing this technical material, Bermex developed and instituted the first computerized methods of writing, tracking and bidding the specification documents and the subsequent repair work. Adopted by the Detroit Housing and Urban Development Office, this computerized process, eventually known as the Property Monitoring System, soon became the standard for HUD activity.

Bermex provided the trained personnel to perform the inspection and repair services in nine major metropolitan areas across the United States. Utilizing the Property Monitoring System, Bermex has pre-inspected, written repair specifications, prepared bid packages, and monitored the bid awards and construction of over 125,000 homes.

Simultaneously, Bermex supplied the Federal Emergency Management Agency with inspection personnel at the sites of natural disasters across the country. Bermex provided, and mobilized within 24 hours, the field personnel and project management needed to assess disaster damage and the necessary repairs.

Building upon Bermex' expertise in inspection and repair specifications, Bermex began providing energy conservation services in 1981, with the inception of federally mandated energy conservation programs. Bermex has provided major utilities and rural electric cooperatives with all of the necessary hardware and software, tools, personnel and supervision to perform services, including: Advertising and promotion, program eligibility determination, scheduling, CIS data entry, on-site audit with the necessary explanations to the customer, computerized processing of audits, pre- and post- installation inspections, preparation of the customer bid and credit applications, staffing of toll-free hotlines to answer technical inquiries, quality assurance follow-up, complaint investigation, and all necessary record keeping and reporting.

Bermex was also instrumental in the start-up of the Michigan Energy Assurance Home Repair and Weatherization Program in the metropolitan Detroit area. Beginning with the pilot test, Bermex has provided administrative and field services which include: on-site home energy analysis; preparation of repair specifications; explanation of programs, benefits, and methods to customer; bid preparation; contractor arrangement; bid rotation and award services; and post-installation inspections to ensure specification compliance.

In 1983, Bermex became the first company to provide meter reading services to a major utility. Bermex has read millions of meters for gas, electric, and water utilities, investor owned and municipal, throughout the Midwest, Northeast, South, and Southeast.