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Utility Field Services

Service restoration, disconnection
and termination.
Turn-on and shut-off of electric, gas and water meters, including change
of party orders, non-pay disconnects, disconnect and remove meters, and combination reads and locks for dual utilities. Also, installation of locks, service extenders and pre-payment devices.

Line and leak detection
Services including underground locates, high bill investigations, safety checks, house line (meter spot) tests, service line pressure tests, and carbon monoxide tests.


Off-cycle meter reading

Read-ons and read-offs, long-term
no reads, scheduled reads, meter
verification reads, re-reads, and other appointment reads.

Meter change outs

For electric, gas and water meters, including the installation of automatic or remote read devices.

Post or deliver notices
For service disconnection/termination, tree trimming, etc.

Special Projects
Call us to discuss other long-term field service projects. Bermex will provide trained field personnel and supervision for your special projects.