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To help ensure providing quality
service, Bermex devotes considerable
attention to recruiting. Most personnel are recruited through classified
advertising in city, suburban, and regional media.

Applicants are also recruited through referral and internal job postings.
Also, labor specialists from state
agencies and local job services are
often used as a resource for applicants.

Standard screening procedures include:
• Background check (criminal activity investigation and drivers license search)
• Confirmation of transportation
• Citizenship verification
• Pre-employment drug screening
(If required by service agreement)

During the pre-employment process,
a candidate's drivers license and
social security number are recorded,
a release signed, thus allowing
Bermex to perform a criminal
background check. Bermex uses
several research service companies specializing in these investigations which look for criminal activity and driving history.

The criminal history search provides information on past convictions.
Reports are provided immediately
if any conviction information is
uncovered. Written history searches are generally obtained within 72 hours