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Cost Factors for Meter Reading

• Total hours for period
• Total meters read for period
• Average pay rate for meter reading   personnel
• Vacation/Holiday/Personal Day   Factor(Include in direct labor cost)
• Payroll Taxes & payroll insurance (Fed.   & State unemployment
  insurance, FICA, workers comp.,
  life insurance, health insurance,
  pension benefits)
• Employee expenses (advertising,   miscellaneous awards, incentives, etc.)
• Transportation (vehicle lease or   depreciation direct labor & indirect   labor, insurance, maintenance
  (labor & materials), gas, etc.)
• Supervisory salaries
• Supervisory vacation, holiday,
  personal day factor
• Supervisory payroll taxes and
  insurance (Fed. & State
  unemployment insurance, FICA,   workers comp., life insurance, health   insurance, pension benefits)

• Criminal history checks
• Drug testing
• Office Supplies
• Field equipment
• Postage
• Office equipment amortization
  or lease costs (Desks, chairs,
  computers, copiers, radios including   base station, fax, cell phones and   usage, telephones and usage, pagers   and usage)
• Building rent or amortization
• Building property taxes
• Building utilities
• Building maintenance & repair
• Insurance (Umbrella liability,
  vehicle, dishonesty bonding,
  property, etc.)
• State & Municipal taxes and
  license fees
  Miscellaneous Costs Considered
• Administration by HR for hiring,   benefits, etc.
• Administration by leadership team
• Administration by Customer Service   Management
• Call center costs for unread meter   complaints.