Bermex Collection Services Questionaire

1. Who currently does collections ?
How many collectors do you utilize ?
Are they seasonal ? Year around ? Full time ?  
If the number of collectors fluctuates during the season, list the peak and the low levels  
2. How many collectors do you want to contract ?
3. Field procedures.
Are uniforms required for collectors ? Yes No  
Do collectors have company vehicles ? Yes No
Do collectors shut off service ? Yes No    
If so, at the Street ? Meter ?    Are meters Inside ? Outside ?
What is the procedure to dispose of cash in the field (bank drops, money orders, etc.) ?
List any special equipment that is required. 
4. Work Volume - Provide the following information.
Average number of work orders received per day ?
Average number of work orders assigned to each collector ?
Are work orders routed ? Yes No
Expected level of positive resolution ?  
Define your standards for positive resolution.
5. List possible actions that can be taken by collectors
(full payment, partial payment, turn-off, payment arrangements, posting, etc.) ?
6. Is communication equipment required for collectors (beepers, radios, phones, etc.) ?
7. Service territory - Provide a map showing geography and mileage of service territory.
Total square mileage ?    
Are work orders generated at one location or multiple Where ?
8. Training. What is the length of the training program ?
Is formal certification required ? Yes No    
Do you want to provide the training or do you want Bermex to train the collectors ? Bermex Ourselves
9. Any ancillary services desired (meter reading, field services, etc.) ?
10. Generally, Bermex provides services from its own office, staffed with Bermex supervision, off-site from your operations.
Any variances on this ?